Volunteer schedule
The race itself takes place on Sunday, Sept. 7th

Please study the time slots below and contact Dale Brown via email with your volunteer choice. He will then enter your name into this schedule. Remember, the more help, the faster the job gets done! Please honor your assignment. We will be counting on you... If you do not show up, it could be a potentially dangerous situation.

Thanks in advance everyone!    Volunteer info page HERE
Updated 4:45 PM, Sept 4.2014

Saturday, Sept. 6th

3 pm ~ 5 pm
Put out hay bales, set up safety barriers & fencing.

Meet at Country Park finish line on road near paddle boats
Fred Weigle Paul Derkasch Fred Lineberry
Jim Frith Curtis Harrison Barry Robinson
Steve Luck Tina Luck Alan Agee
Brittany Hatcher Shannon Ancel need volunteer

Sunday, Sept. 7th

 6:30 am ~ 9 am 
Set up registration, PA system, banners & signage, tents, etc.   
Meet at Country Park finish line on road near paddle boats.
Pasonni Ingle Allan Jacobs Tracie Heavner
Brittany Hatcher Graham Williams Melanie Harless
Lonnie Brooks need volunteer need volunteer
need volunteer need volunteer need volunteer
8 am ~ 5 pm   
Job: Race announcer

David Johnson

need back up
(lunch time?)

10 am ~ 4 pm   
Job: 'Preem' manager
(Assists announcer in keeping track of primes, also called 'primes', those additional prizes awarded during races...)

Stephanie Murphy

8 am ~ 5 pm    
Job: Pace car driver

Michael Gleason

11:30 am ~ 12:30 pm
Pick up & give lunch to officials
Sarah Wagner Jon Harrison  
11:45 am ~ 12:45 pm
Kids races
To get kids ready, start races and give out prizes after they cross line.
Mary Roach Traci Curiazza Brock Gabler
Brenda Miller Jimmy Curiazza need volunteer
Patty Etheridge Mark Edwards need volunteer
8 am ~ 5 PM

Course monitors /marshalls to warn park users of hazards of walking on paved surfaces.

Please arrive about 5 minutes early and make contact with the previous monitor. At the end of your shift, please do not leave your post until relieved. If your releif is late please call  Dale for assistance.

You will receive an electric powered bull horn.

Bring a folding chair and friends!

Map of 5 monitoring spots HERE

1st Shift
8 amó10:30 am
#1 at turn 1
Steve Morris
#2 at Veterans' Memorial Tom Wells
#3 at  Bark park area Paul Derkasch
#4 at Jaycee entrance Stephanie Angel
& David Tuchman
#5 at Finish area Jimmy Brewer
2nd Shift
10:30 amó1 pm
#1 at turn 1
Mike Foster
#2 at Veterans' Memorial Kim & Steve Achey
#3 at  Bark park area Curtis Harrison
#4 at Jaycee entrance Sidney Holland
#5 at Finish area Traci, Gigi &
Jimmy Curiazza
3rd Shift
1 pm - 3:30 pm
#1 at turn 1
 Steve & Nancy Barrett
#2 at Veterans' Memorial Corey Smith
#3 at  Bark park area  Tom Palmer
#4 at Jaycee entrance Don & Kathi Coldwell
#5 at Finish area Jimmy Brewer
4th Shift
3:30 pm-5 pm
#1 at turn 1
Lonnie Brooks
#2 at Veterans' Memorial Gary Richardson
#3 at  Bark park area Brock Gabler
#4 at Jaycee entrance Allan Goldfarb
#5 at Finish area Tommy Gray
5 pm ~ 6 pm 
Break down & load up:
PA system, signage, tents, fencing, etc.
Meet in Finish line area.
Mark Edwards Allan Jacobs Alex Winnicki
Stephanie Angel David Tuchman Lisa Muratori
Raul Gutierrez Gary Trull Brock Gabler
need volunteer need volunteer need volunteer
need volunteer need volunteer need volunteer

Thanks everyone!       

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